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Don't just spell check, auto-correct!

MS-Word like as-you-type spell check for QuarkXPress


Stop using palette based Quark spell check.
Concentrate on your content.
Say hello to AutoCorrectXT!


Flag misspelled words, as you type in QuarkXPress.  Wavy red lines give visual feedback. Language based spelling suggestions.


Correct typos and misspelled words, insert symbols and other pieces of text, as you type.


Apply and remove Quark bullets and numbering, as you type, auto-selecting the correct style to apply.


ccording to a research at Cambridge University, it doesn’t matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be at the right place. This is because the human brain does not read every letter but the word as a whole. What the human brain needs is a visual indicator that something is not right. The solution, yes you guessed it right, AutoCorrectXT.

In QuarkXPress spell check is used once the whole document has been created. This leaves the document quality deficient till just before publishing the content. AutoCorrectXT solves these problems by flagging misspelled words and fixing minor typos, on the fly, as you type. AutoCorrectXT also spell checks any text you import or copy/paste from external sources into QuarkXPress.

I like the newer spell checker because I feel like the document or writing has already been checked by the time I get it done—instead of having to do the Quark spell check.  I like the underlined words because I know if it’s spelled correct or not—all this is instant.   Yes, I like it.

Michael R. Kelsey

What this all adds up to is that I find that I can now move through my writing in QuarkXPress at a much faster pace. If I type something and make a typo the AutoCorrectXT will let me know with a bright red wavy underscore and give me an opportunity to correct my clumsy mistake before I move on.

Michael Shaw
Editor, MaUsE DoubleClick

I recommend AutoCorrectXT as a worthwhile upgrade for every QuarkXPress user. It also works when putting text into QuarkXPress with MacSpeech Dictate 1.5

Michael Shaw
Editor, MaUsE DoubleClick

…anxious to get to work !

Susan Mertes
Owner, Susan's Studio

We are interested in the Quark XTension “AutoCorrectXT”

Daniela Maschke

I have been using my Autocorrect XT for Quark 9 with great pleasure ever since I acquired it, a really fine program you are to be commended for.

Barry Sheinkopf

Thanks…. Wonderful extension!

Judy Eberhard
A-1 Business Service

I LOVE this feature! It really makes a difference in my ability to efficiently produce my work projects! I am definitely a fan!

Lynne Masone

Liked it with Quarkxpress, so we decided to get one for another computer.

Al Carr
The Tylertown Times

I am excited to use your product again – it is great!!

John Schoenknecht

I bought the tool just for Xpress 2017 / Win and am inspired by the first impression. It also exchanges text input (c), which are only to be typed in Win by way of detours, into special characters. For the price (50 €) a must have!

Burkhard Lieverkus
Owner, Lieverkus Media

I’m very pleased with the QXP2017 upgrade to AutoCorrectXT – it works beautifully

Karen Hughes

Checked it on chunks of my last book. Superb! Embarrassing number of typos detected that QXP spell-checker had missed! Congratulations on an excellent product.

Tom Sheppard
Desert Winds Publishing

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AutoCorrectXT® features MS Word-Like as-you-type spell checking and auto-corrections in QuarkXPress® documents.
*Note: To buy a license for QuarkXPress 2016 choose XPress Version Qxp2015 below.

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AutoCorrectXT® features MS Word-Like as-you-type spell checking and auto-corrections in QuarkXPress® documents.
*Note: To buy a license for QuarkXPress 2016 choose XPress Version Qxp2015 below.

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